What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts a user's files, making them impossible to recover. Impossible, unless of course, you are willing to pay the bad guys huge amounts of money. And even if you do pay, there is no guarantee they will actually return your files.

Traditional anti-virus is not enough to protect your computer. CryptoDrop can help.

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As soon as ransomware starts to encrypt files, CryptoDrop stops it.

CryptoDrop gets ahead of the game by focusing on what ransomware does - make your files unreadable. That means that no matter how clever hackers are in disguising their code, CryptoDrop stops it while minimizing the number of files lost.

Failing to stop ransomware can cost you serious money. The average ransomware payout in 2016 was over $700, with some targets paying over $20,000. In 2017, it is estimated that ransomware authors will collect over $1 Billion.

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CryptoDrop can help recover your files.

Our Fast Recovery™ Edition provides can help restore files to their original condition prior to the ransomware attack. CryptoDrop is the first product on the market to help you get back to normal operation quickly.


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