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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts a user's files, making them impossible to recover.

Impossible, unless of course, you are willing to pay the bad guys huge amounts of money.

And even if you do pay, there is no guarantee they will actually return your files.

How Do We Stop It?

Making ransomware is easy, and traditional antivirus solutions often fail to find new variants before the bad guys find you.

CryptoDrop takes a different approach. Instead of targeting individual pieces of ransomware, we target them all.

CryptoDrop watches your files for changes that make them unusable and then jumps into action to stop the ransomware in its tracks.

How well does CryptoDrop work? In our experiments, targeted machines lost only 0.1% of their files before the ransomware was eliminated.

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Who Are We?

Meet the Team Behind the Technology

Kevin Butler

Associate Professor - Univ. of Florida

Nolen Scaife

Ph.D. Student
10 Years of Security Industry Experience

Patrick Traynor

Associate Professor - Univ. of Florida
Sloan Foundation Research Fellow
Former Co-Founder, Pindrop Security