5 Innovative Enterprise Recruitment Solutions

5 Innovative Enterprise Recruitment Solutions

There are several things recruiters just can’t have enough of. Finding the best candidates have never competitive and tough as it is nowadays. It was pretty difficult a few years back because of a lack of proper technology and the fact that the recruiter had to do every task manually. But with a digital revolution going on, there are several innovative recruitment methods that most of the best recruiters use now and then.

If you are just an entrepreneur you might know how difficult it is to grow your company. And if you are a recruiter in a big multi-national company, you might be aware of the competition. Needless, it can be quite a challenge to figure out which one of the enterprise hiring solutions is the best fit for your company.

Innovative Recruitment Methods

#1 Programmatic Advertising

When you are recruiting online, programmatic advertising is a must. It is the automated posting of job ads that target the candidate’s profiles you are looking for. Recruiting on niche sites where your target candidates are is quite an innovative ideology.

#2 Inclusive Job Adverts

The words you choose and the way you phrase things can be the key to put off an entire group of the candidate population. This tool scans heaps of documents and based on that, predicts exactly what job advert will succeed.

#3 Video Interviewing

This is one of the self-explanatory tips but that doesn’t make it a less effective recruiting method. Using video technology can be a great option for when you are remote hiring candidates that live abroad. By using pre-employment assessments that include video technology can take things up a notch video-wise. This kind of technology collects data on different tangible factors like a verbal response, eye movements, and non-verbal communications.

#4 Passive Candidates

If you think passive candidates are a bit old-fashioned, maybe you are right, because they are like a hidden treasure. The real game-changer is social media. Due to this, recruiters can now reach out to the best candidates for the job. Even if the passive candidate you reached out to isn’t interested right now, a connection is nonetheless been made through social media.

#5 Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the new step in the game of innovative recruitment methods. Nowadays, more and more companies are using virtual reality experiences to show their candidates that they are an exciting and innovative place to work.

Synopsis Time

Earlier recruiting was challenging because all the work was done manually, but now it is challenging because of the talent pool and competition in society. Not all the talent comes in your hands, sometimes you need to create and try some new innovative recruitment methods now and then.