How CryptoDrop Started

How CryptoDrop Started

CryptoDrop is an anti-ransomware company based in Gainesville, Florida. It was founded based on bleeding-edge, National Science Foundation-funded research performed by professors in Computer Science at the University of Florida. Seeing the significant need for such research to be translated into software for real users, this team has licensed their patent-pending technology and brought it to market.

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About the CryptoDrop technology

About Our Technology

The technology behind CryptoDrop is fundamentally different than anything available on the market. Unlike traditional anti-virus products which require daily updates and which can be vulnerable to 'zero-day' malware, CryptoDrop monitors for the fundamental operations ransomware must take to steal your data and alerts you when this behavior is observed. To date, we have analyzed huge numbers of ransomware samples and have never failed to detect a single instance.

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Software You Can Trust

You can trust CryptoDrop for many reasons. First, our research has been peer reviewed by the top minds in the field of Computer Security. Second, we have been independently authenticated as part of Microsoft's 'Authenticode' program, guaranteeing that we are a real company and that software with our name on it is really from us. Finally, we have been tested thoroughly by a widely regarded independent third-party laboratory, which demonstrated that our product was reliable, safe and stopped all ransomware. Learn more about us on our blog.

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