Why You Should Trust CryptoDrop – The Importance of External Validation

CryptoDrop offers best-in-class protection against ransomware and because of its unique, patent-pending design, detects threats to your data and recovers your important files in ways that assure your precious information stays safe. This is a bold claim to make, and you may be asking yourself Why should I believe CryptoDrop is as robust as you say? and How do I know CryptoDrop is safe to use?

In this article, we are going to discuss what we’ve done to try to earn your trust in three ways: the open peer review of the research that went into CryptoDrop, the authenticity of CryptoDrop as an organization as recognized by Microsoft, and the independent evaluation of CryptoDrop. We’ll also talk about why it is important to have all of these external markers of validation and what they mean for you as a user.

Trust Fall

CryptoDrop Comes From Peer-Reviewed Research

What makes CryptoDrop unique from all other ransomware solutions is that it comes out of world-leading research performed at the University of Florida. The ideas behind CryptoDrop were vetted by external peer reviews and selected for publication at the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS). What does this mean? The research was examined by experts in computer systems and security from around the world. This was a double-blind process, meaning that not only are the reviewers anonymous to us as authors, but our identity is also anonymous to the reviewers. The double-blind process ensures that the scientific process is completely fair, as the work is judged solely on its quality, not based on any relationships authors and reviewers might have with each other, and is considered the gold standard of scientific evaluation. Additionally, the ICDCS conference is highly selective, accepting less than 20% of submitted research papers from university and industry research groups around the world. By passing through this extremely rigorous review process, the research behind CryptoDrop has been considered amongst the world’s finest work in distributed computing and declared to be innovative and compelling research by scientific peer review. This is the core of what makes CryptoDrop fundamentally different and uniquely capable of defending against ransomware.

Vetted by Microsoft Authenticode

Doing research is one thing, but turning that research into a commercial product is another process altogether. How can you have confidence in CryptoDrop as a company? Ensuring that you as a user can be confident that we are trustworthy is very important to us. To demonstrate our integrity as a company, we have been approved as a trusted vendor through Microsoft’s Authenticode program. Authenticode provides you with assurance that we at CryptoDrop were the ones who actually created the code that you are running, and that the code has not been altered or tampered with in any way. The CryptoDrop program is digitally signed by DigiCert, a member of the Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program. This is your guarantee that the code you run is trustworthy.

Fully Tested Through Independent Evaluation

We wanted to ensure that as users, you have the assurance that CryptoDrop is effective at stopping ransomware. This is why we encourage you to download a copy and try it for yourself. We have also extensively tested the program internally and run two beta programs to ensure that we cover a large range of use cases. We also subjected CryptoDrop to the ransim ransomware simulator by KnowBe4, which generates synthetic samples of ransomware. CryptoDrop easily stopped all of these samples from running and detected their presence quickly.


But we know that as a potential customer, you would want to see what experts in evaluating anti-malware programs would have to say. This is why we reached out to AV-Test, an internationally renowned company based in Germany and known for their expertise in evaluating anti-malware products. Importantly, AV-Test is completely independent: they evaluate the software against their rigorous testing routines and report all results, good or bad, that they find.

We are delighted to report that CryptoDrop performs spectacularly well against all of AV-Test’s routines. To provide full transparency for you, the user and potential customer, we have linked to the AV-Test report about CryptoDrop. The results are excellent: CryptoDrop detects every ransomware sample that AV-Test used, including samples that we had never seen before that are proprietary to them, running in their own environment with independent testers. CryptoDrop detects ransomware fast, in less than 5 seconds in many cases. And with our Fast Recovery feature, every file affected by ransomware could be easily recovered (in the report, the claim is one file failed to recover; this was apparently from a directory not configured to be protected by CryptoDrop). See the results for yourself!

We hope that this guide to the importance of external validation helps to demonstrate why CryptoDrop is the best anti-ransomware solution available on the market and why you can trust us. Please get in touch if you have any questions – we love to talk about how at CryptoDrop, We Stop Ransomware.

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