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CryptoDrop runs on all 64 bit Windows 7 SP1, 8 and 10 platforms.


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Fast Recovery™

Cutting Edge Protection
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What It All Means

CryptoDrop has some amazing features. Here's what they all do.


CryptoDrop users are protected by our patent pending ransomware behavioral identification techniques. These techniques were developed as part of a US National Science Foundation funded research effort at the University of Florida.


After detection, we stop all access to the file system. This gives you time to back up your files and block further malicious execution.

Rule Creation

Advanced users can add rules to help CryptoDrop to run more smoothly. For instance, users intentionally encrypting their files as part of a back up process could whitelist this software in advance.

Directory Management

The free version of CryptoDrop protects the "My Documents" folder. Fast Recovery™ users can select additional folders for protection (e.g., "My Photos").

Commercial Use

The free version of our software may be run by home users. Companies and commercial users can protect their systems with the “Fast Recovery™” Edition.

Fast Recovery™

Fast Recovery™ Edition users are protected by CryptoDrop’s Fast Recovery™ technology, which helps users restore their files to their original condition after a ransomware attack.

We Stop Ransomware

Our Fast Recovery™ feature is one-of-a-kind and you need it!