Things You Are Definitely Doing That Is Worsening Your Acne

Things You Are Definitely Doing That Is Worsening Your Acne

Acne can be daunting but there are some things that wrap your daily routine and they prove to be even more daunting. Have a look at them.

Trying A New Acne Treatment Every Week Or So

This skin-care approach can probably irritate your skin. Your skin needs time to adapt to new products and when it does you tend to shift products. Also, washing your face throughout the day can disturb your skin and triggers acne breakouts.

Instead, give an acne treatment enough time to work. Use a product for 6-8 weeks. You really need to be patient to see some fruitful results. If you don’t see any change after this as well, then consult your dermatologist and change your skincare routine.

Pop Or Squeezing Breakouts

When you try to pop or squeeze your pimples, you are simply inviting more breakouts. While doing so, you actually push some of what’s inside like dead skin cells, pus or bacteria. This eventually results in inflammation-causing more scarring & pain.

Instead, resist the urge of popping a pimple & getting rid of it. You want to treat your acne with potent home remedies or chemical concoctions. If you have severe acne then make sure you consult your dermatologist before hopping on experiments.

Applying Acne Medication Only On Your Blemishes

Yes, it really makes sense to treat what you see but however, this approach fails to prevent your acne breakout.

Instead, when you see blemishes on your face don’t go so harsh on them and try every damn thing that is possible. You gently need to apply a thin layer of acne-medication evenly over your acne-prone areas. For example, if you have severe freckles or hyperpigmentation, you can go for hydroquinone 4% bearing medications and you need to apply it evenly with your fingers over the affected areas.

Sharing Makeup, Makeup Brushes, Or Makeup Applicators

Even if you stick only to non-comedogenic products, sharing your makeup tools can lead to blemishes. Acne isn’t contagious but when you share your makeup applicators or blushes, the acne-causing bacteria, oils, and dead skin cells on others’ skin can gel in your makeup. These can clog your pores leading to severe breakouts

Instead, make a habit that you keep your makeup, brushes & applicators only to yourself and don’t let someone use your blenders or lip pencils.

So, next time when you head on for your acne-treatment keep these points in mind and prevent major acne breakouts causing skin scarring & pain. After you have taken care of all these, buy online best skincare products from C&P at mind-boggling, affordable prices.