Top 3 Corset Styles People Are Going All Gaga On!

Top 3 Corset Styles People Are Going All Gaga On!

Corsets! How else do you think the noble ladies of Europe, a century back, managed to maintain an hourglass figure, with a waist that you could span with a hand? The women of those times used to squeeze their body entailed in a corset. And this lacing up inside a tight, sleek-fit corset was a regular dress routine of women from the period 1560-1910.

Modern-Day Corsets

Contemporary corsets are a lot different from the old ones. For one, the perception of body shapes has drastically altered and women have transformed their needs as well.

Buying a corset today depends on the dress you ‘re going to wear, the money you ‘re willing to spend and whether you’re going to wear it over or under your clothes, and whether you’re only trying to minimize the waist for a function/show, etc., or two (use and throw) or permanently. Several different styles of corsets do different things – all reduce waist but some minimize the bust shape, some thrust out the breasts, some smoothen the hip shape, etc.

You don’t have a maid here today to lace your corsets. So it’s crucial that you can wear it on your own. Therefore an important consideration is the ease of dressing. So, let’s look at the different corset types that women use, and the different body profiles and waistlines that they create.

Victorian Style Hourglass Corsets

This is the most traditional corset style-the classic Victorian corset. Blessing you with a sleek figure, an hourglass corset gives you a beautiful hourglass figure. With that fabric, the neck is cinched & the lower ribs are not compressed. These corset dresses can have a straight neckline or a sweetheart style, starting from the above bust, underbust, or mid bust. It is a great corset style to flaunt on with respect to comfort, ease of dressing, and maximum reduction of the waist.

Overbust & Underbust Corsets

Overbust are traditional corsets worn as an outer dress, as a wedding gown top or as a bodice. It goes over the bust, as the name suggests.

Breathe-taking & super attractive underbust steampunk corsets start below the bust line and still provides the classic hourglass waist profile.

S – Curve Corsets

These corsets effortlessly shove the cleavage line up, and the hips pull back to the torso forming an S shape. This corset had an inflexible busk at the front and supporting steels (instead of the trendy inward curving busk till then) resulting in this curved form.

There are many eyeful styles of corsets that would seamlessly bless you with a figure you seek. Corsets can never go out of fashion and prove to be fancy body shapers. Get exclusive & trendy corset dresses from ShapeAngels at affordable prices.